How Long Do Micro Braids Last

How Long Do Micro Braids Last

HOW LONG DO MICRO BRAIDS LAST In this post we'll be talking about how long you should keep your hair extensions or your braids in and that's a common question that we get asked all the time in our hair braiding community. This question comes up especially after...

A Guide to Hair Extension Salons

A Guide to Hair Extension Salons

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So you’re thinking of putting your hair up in Braids or Twists?

We’ll we’re going to share our opinion about both hairstyles and you can decide which one you prefer: Braids or Twists.  

Our answers to this question sort of varies based on how one is feeling that day and what our hair goals are.  Do us a favor and share your favorite style: Braids or Twists? And Why? Leave your comments below.

Okay so both braids and twists are cute styles and serve different purposes.  With braids there are few things that make braids a great choice:

> Braids allow hair to be interweaved and stretched out for longer periods of time

> Braids do not tangle up as easily as twist

> Braids allows for you to  wash and even condition your hair while in this style

> Tangling of the hair is delayed up until the hair starts to grow at the base

Some “negatives” of braiding your hair:

> Braids can place a lot of stress on the scalp if done too tightly

> Braids take you a longer time to install than twist braids

> Braiding can be more expensive for you  than twists

>  Depending on the type of braid it can make your hair look thinner

If you are looking to style your hair in Twist Braids then here are some benefits:

> Twist braids can give your hair a fuller look

> Twist braids are easier to install since you are performing a simpler skill

> Since twist braids are easy to install they can be simple to take down

> Twist braids can be more cost effective if you are looking to save money

Some “negative” of twisting your hair:

> Twists by design can separate if not properly secured with hair bands

> Unraveling near the base of the head due to new growth occurs with twists

> Twist have to be redone more often than braids which becomes expensive with both time and money

> Not being able to truly wash or wet your hair with twist can present an issue for those who exercise or enjoy water activities

> More breakage can possibly occur with twist since the hair needs to be manipulated more often than braids

So there you have it.

We have given you our observations of both braids and twist.  If you need your hair to last longer than a week or two then getting your hair braided is your best route.  

However, if you want a fuller look and a quick stylish look then going with twists seems best.  

Let us know what you decide.  Just remember that any manipulation of the hair makes it vulnerable to friction and breakage so take it easy on your hair.  

Sometimes we advise to give your hair a break and allow your hair to strengthen before re-braiding or twisting.  

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