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What we provide for visitors is a one-stop website experience to have all your hair care needs met.  We offer feedback by encouraging you to be a part of our community and/or get individual coaching. 

The average website is product driven or just a collection of pictures and posts with no way of submitting questions and getting actual feedback.

We are different in that we give real and relevant feedback.

Feedback and revision is the only way for people to grow and get better. 

It’s like when you were in school you would try to work on a problem and then get feedback to get better.  Why shouldn’t your online experience be the same way?  We want to you communicate the problems you have been working on in regard to your hair and then submit it for feedback. 

All Natural Hairstyle

Are you looking to go all natural with your hairstyles?

Want to make sure you are putting the healthiest products in your hair?

Looking to put your hair in braids for convenience?

Or are you simply looking to add inches to your hair through proper care?

Whatever your hair goals are to make sure to stay focused on them.

What makes what we offer online different than the rest?  Let’s share one of the biggest mistakes people make.

One of the Biggest Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t be like the countless women we see who arrive at the beauty supply store to find no one capable of answering your questions related to beauty & hair products.

How frustrating, right?!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen women, young and old alike, walking aimlessly around the beauty store looking for answers to their hair woes.  

They go from one staff member to the next asking for answers only to be told, “I think it will work”.  

You don’t need someone’s opinion you need answers.  You can’t rest your mind on an opinion!

Unfortunately, in many communities, the store owners who do sell the products do not even look like their clientele.  

We know that your hope when you made that trip to the beauty store was to find a knowledgeable staff person.

In some communities, the first thing you hope for is to find out if the staff can even speak your LANGUAGE… if you know what I mean.

The very people that should be most knowledgeable are unable to answer your questions which can be frustrating.  

You can waste a whole lot of money and time walking around the store. Time is precious, so you do not have money and time to waste.  

Are these owners there to simply take our money and not solve our hair problems?  

We think that since these business owners are in the beauty industry that they would educate themselves on the products FIRST!

After all, they are the ones in direct contact with the manufacturers.  Shouldn’t they know what they are selling to their clientele? 

Unfortunately, these assumptions are not valid.  So not only do you have an uneducated business owner but now you have an uneducated customer walking around.  

It is a sad thing to even look around and see young high school girls purchasing products that will cause their hair to fall right out.  The parents that come into the store with the young person is even as clueless as the teenager.  Do parents even know that the hairstyle that their daughters are looking to get next could take their hair down the drain?  

We often see young black girls getting glue for their braids and extensions. Do they even know that the glue could rip out their hair? Do they know that too much pulling and tugging could damage large sections of their hair for life? Have they learned the timetable by which to keep braids and weaves in their hair?

An educated buyer is what is needed.  When you go into a maze of hair care products you cannot go in ignorant.  

You need to be educated to know what areas of the beauty store to visit and which areas to avoid.  

You need to be able to read the labels and know the results of the hair product if applied.  Will what you are holding build a healthy natural hair system or will it damage your goals of hair quality and growth?

For all these reasons and more, therefore, you need a hair coaching service.  

You cannot afford to visit one more beauty supply without a proper education in products.  

You cannot afford to put your hair growth at risk of products that do not support your hair goals!

So, for you to avoid all these issues.  You need to be supported & an educated customer. 

Braids & Styles Hair Care Coaching Services

That is where we come to your rescue!

Our hair care coaching services are here to educate and inspire you to reach your hair goals!

Connect with us by going to our contact page and communicating the level of support you need and want.  

We’ll read over your request and get back in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

Your hair goals are our hair goals as well!  Let’s reach those goals!

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