Twists Braids

Twists braids are a favourite hairstyle within the natural hair community.

They are a great protective style.

Therefore, they keep your natural hair protected from the harsh elements of the environment and over-manipulation underneath the synthetic hair. Thus, reducing the unnecessary breakage that your hair may suffer. In addition, moisturising your hair helps to preserve the health of your hair. Twist braids can be as short as shoulder length or as long as your tailbone. As well as, large and small. It depends on the look that will frame your face better.

What are twist braids?

Instead of “plaiting” or “braiding” your hair with the synthetic hair using 3 strands, you would use two strands. And wrap the hair around each other like a rope. The hair is twisted from the roots to the ends of the hair. This gives the hair a neat rope look. As well as, secures the twists braids with your natural hair.


Popular Types of Twists:
1. Marley Twist
2. Senegalese Twists
3. Havanna Twists
4. Rope Twists
5. Crochet Twist

These are the types of twists that are trending within the natural hair community. Every style requires a different technique. In addition, in some cases, it requires a different type of hair. For example, for Senegalese twists, Toyokalon and Kanekalon hair is recommended.

Before the Hairstyle:
Before installing any of the twists braids, ensure to shampoo your hair. Then, condition and deep condition your tresses. As well as, moisturise your hair. This ensures that your hair stays healthy under the synthetic hair which may withdraw the moisture. In addition, wash the synthetic hair with apple cider vinegar or shampoo to ensure that none of the chemicals transfer to your scalp or hair.

During the Hairstyle:
This hairstyle requires minimal maintenance.
– You may just need to slay your edges every week or 2 days. Then tie a satin scarf around your edges to preserve it.
– Secure your hair with a satin cap or bonnet at night.
– Moisturise your hair every week using a leave-in conditioner spray.
– You can wash your natural hair under the twists if you do plan to wear it for longer than a month. You would need to shampoo your scalp using the pads of your finger to ensure that the scalp is cleansed. Then, moisturise your hair using a spray leave-in conditioner or using the LOC/LCO. Next, dry it with a blow dryer on cool air to seal in the moisture you added. In addition, this will prevent the synthetic hair from smelling like mildew.
After the Hairstyle:
After you’ve had your hair in for 8 weeks or you notice obvious new growth it is time to take out the hair. As much as your natural hair is protected while underneath the hair, at some point it needs to breathe.  Notice obvious new growth of an inch or ½ inch of hair it is time to remove the hair. Or, if you have had it in for 8 weeks a change may be needed.

Which twists braids will you be installing?


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