Micro Braids

Micro braids, as the name suggest, are very tiny braids.

Based on the intricacy of the hairstyle, it takes a longer time to install than box braids.

So, you can choose to go to your local salon to get it done but be prepared to spend your money. Just like box braids, you can wear different hairstyles when micro braids are installed. 

In addition, these braids can last 3 – 4 months, unlike box braids which can only last 6 weeks.

Micro braids can be done using synthetic hair or natural hair extensions.

It is recommended that short hair is best for this style because, with longer hair, you would have to maintain your natural hair so there is as minimal breakage as possible.

How to install Microbraids

1. Part a tiny section of your hair, then begin feeding the braid in at the root. Or, you can braid your real hair first, then feed in the extensions after you have braided an inch.

2. Continue braiding until each mini-section is done, and until your entire hair is completed.

There are two different type of micro braids, which are straight and wet and wavy microbraids.

Wet and wavy micro braids: These are made with wet and wavy hair. And, the hair is installed to frame your face. However, it requires more manipulation than box braids to maintain the curls of the hair. As well as, it’s lustre. The downfall of this type of micro braids is that there aren’t many styles to achieve from it.

Straight Braids: Straight extensions are used to achieve this style. It doesn’t require as much maintenance as wet and wavy micro braids. However, there are unlimited styles to achieve with it, for example, buns, curls, ponytails, half up, half downs, and many more.

How to care for your micro braids:
1. You will have to maintain your edges with the use of a gel, and a satin scarf, especially if you are wearing straight micro braids.

2. You can wash your hair with the braids. installed. Hence, you can shampoo your scalp to cleanse it, then condition the length of the braids to infuse moisture, then deep condition for nourishment. In addition, you can moisturise and seal using the LOC or LCO method to maintain your natural or relaxed hair under the synthetic hair.

3. The curls of the wet and wavy needed to be maintained. This is done by spraying oil sheen on your braids to maintain moisture and shine. Or, you can mix conditioner, oil and water, in a spray bottle. Then scrunching the hair upwards to maintain the curls.

With all the vast of information, I hope it assisted you in making your decision on what type of African braid to wear next. All three styles are great for your hair. Which style do you plan to do?

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