Crochet Braids

Another growing trendy hairstyle within the beauty community is crochet braids. It has been heavily influenced by the natural hair community because naturals are wearing it a lot more. In addition, it has more natural textures in order to blend it with their hair type. It is possible that you may have thought someone’s crochet braids was their natural hair.

What are crochet braids?
The hair is crochet hair which is a type of synthetic hair; however, the technique is crochet braiding. With this technique, the crochet hair is looped through your natural hair with a crochet needle, then secured into place with a knot.

Benefits of crochet braids:
1. They are affordable. The braiding hair is similar to kanekelon hair. And, it costs anywhere between $3.00 – 9.00 at your local beauty supply store.

2. The hairstyle can be done at home by yourself. It is a simple process that can be achieved by yourself with the help of youtube videos. On your first try, it may take some time but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it.

3. Takes less installation time than other braids – Do not expect to sit on your butt for 3 hours in a salon or at home when installing these braids.

4. Blends in with your natural texture. Whether you are natural or even relaxed there is crochet hair for you out there. There is straight, and silky crochet hair for relaxed girls, and kinky/curly for naturals.

5. There is less stress on your scalp. Your hair is braided down hence there is no need to manipulate the hair. In addition, you are just looping the crochet hair unto your natural.

How to Install Crochet Braids:
1. Ensure that your hair is cleansed, conditioned and moisturised prior to styling. As well as the hair so that none of the chemicals transferred to your strands or scalp.

2. Create your braiding pattern. The braiding pattern is crucial because it determines how your hair will fall. In addition, you may take into consideration that you want a side part. As well as, being able to style it different ways without it being obvious that the hair is not real.

3. Remove the hair from the pack, take the desired thickness. If the crochet hair is straight, then comb out the tangles and knots. You may have to cut it in half to give it a more realistic length.

4. Then, take the latch of the crochet needle in your hand. Next, open the latch and slide it underneath your braid. Then, loop the hair unto the hook. Next, secure the latch by closing it. Then, slide the needle back underneath your braid. Next, remove the hook. Then, take two fingers to create an opening at the loop. Next, slide the other part of the hair through the loop. Then, secure the loop into a knot. Individuals do more than one knots just for precautionary measures.

And, there is everything you need to know about crochet braids. Have you ever gotten crochet braid installed by yourself or stylist?

How To Crochet Braids – The most popular Way

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