Box Braids

If you’ve been in the natural hair world for a while, then you realised that every Youtuber has started doing the box braid hairstyle.

Then, the public started adapting it whether through learning from youtube or going to their local salon.

This style has been worn by Janet Jackson, Zoe Kravitz, Beyoncé and many more.

In addition, it offers various styles such as half up, half down, halo crown, mohawks, Fulani inspired hairstyles, ponytails, or the old fashion way of just letting it out.

If it’s your first time then the hairstyle will take a long time to achieve.

However, if you go to the stylist you may sit on your butt for less time, but it will cost you.

In addition, depending on the length you want to achieve will depend on how many packs, and inches of hair you buy.

How to install and style box braids:
1. Part your hair into squares, shaped like boxes, hence the name “box braids”.
2. Then, braid the synthetic hair into your natural or relaxed hair square by square.
3. And, at the end of each braid, a little fire will be applied to seal in the synthetic hair. Nothing to worry yourself about. However, if you aren’t comfortable with the flame, hot water works just fine.

How to care for your box braids:
1. You will have to maintain your edges with the use of a gel, and a satin scarf.

2. A gel may be needed to maintain your new growth in order to blend in with the braids.

3. You can wash your hair with the braid installed. Hence, you can shampoo your scalp to cleanse it, then condition the length of the braids to infuse moisture, then deep condition for nourishment. In addition, you can moisturise and seal using the LOC or LCO method to maintain your natural or relaxed hair under the synthetic hair.

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