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Braids & Styles is an online hair care community and coaching platform who offer support 24/7.
Rest assured that your help is waiting anytime of the day and even at night for your hair care needs!
Do you need a safe place to talk about hair care and the challenges that come along with it?

Are you and the people you know suffering from:

  • Bad hair advice… like listening to the stylist with no growth for years sharing ideas
  • Listening and following old myths about hair care (i.e Black hair won’t grow)
  • Hair loss due to stress
  • Adding the wrong products to your hair (using oils for food on your scalp rather than oil for real hair growth???)
  • Lack of an effective hair care system
  • Lacking the patience to see growth and real results?

Do not suffer alone or in silence! You have found the right site and community to SUFFER NO MORE!



Are you looking for fashionable and convenient ways of styling your hair?

Is your hair a source of stress when you think about styling it? Regardless of what issue there is with your hair, you can expect that we are here to help you out.

We offer the following support:

  •  Natural hair care advice
  • Styles that best support healthy hair
  • Answer braiding questions and concerns
  • Give solutions for breakage
  • Tips on how to protect your hair
  • Products that encourage hair growth
  • Others. Just name it and we would gladly solve it for you!

Quick and accurate diagnosis and corrective action steps

Although it may take you ages to determine what the problem is with your current hair care system, it would only take us a few minutes to figure it out.

Also, not only can we perform a quick diagnosis of the problem for we are also more than capable of advising some corrective action steps to put you on the hair care path. Now just because we give quick in the moment tips it doesn’t mean that you will see the immediate growth of your hair. We want to give you a hair care system that serves you for life. As a matter of fact, our 24-hour support services will do the best to reduce the possibility of you suffering further hair loss or damage from continuing destructive patterns.

It takes a community to Grow a Crown of Beautiful Hair

We are unlike other hair care and braids websites where you submit questions and comments and do not get a response.

We pride ourselves on inviting you into our community and taking care of you by answering real and relevant hair care questions.
As a matter of fact, regardless of what time you have a question, we will have a community of professional hair care advisors and community researchers who will help solve your problems.
If we don’t know the answer we’ll tell you that, but we also work our butts off to research. We consider ourselves to be lifelong learners when it comes to natural hair care.
Besides we are living in the 21st century so there is no reason that as a community we can’t get you the answers you so desperately need and want.
Whether you are starting off with a protective style like braids and looking to move towards having your hair flow past your shoulders we want to help.
We know that there is power in community!

From simple to complex hair issues, we have you covered

Whether your hair is thinning out, breaking off or growing rapidly, we give you an assurance that you are in the community that has you covered. You may find yourself pleasantly welcoming hair care advice and then you may hear something that ticks you off.
Just remember that we are here to be a support system for you and your hair needs.
You may find that your problems are connected to the foods you eat or the way you care for your body. Again, we are concerned about you from HEAD TO TOE!

Learning which foods to eat or which hair supplements to take and which ones to throw away could be challenging for some of you.
Oiling your scalp whether you have braids or not could be an issue but what types of oils you use could be controversial.
What we find is that hair issues can range from simple to complex, but we are here to help you navigate through these problems.
Join our community today and get started on building the hair care system you need!


Did you Know?

Since we have branded our platform as Braids & Styles it only makes sense for us to share some benefits and challenges of this style that gets so much attention.
Have you followed the celebrities who are rocking the braided look? Celebrities such as Beyonce, Keri Hilson, and Brandi are all beautiful women who have taken to the braided look to keep them looking fresh and fabulous!
We know that for many African American women you grew up with the plaits and braids. It was the easiest way to keep the hair in some type of style and not have to worry.
It was and is the style that allows young girls to play outside and not get in trouble by their moms who tirelessly were trying to keep them looking “decent”.
However, with every style, you still need to be aware that a protective like this could very well be the cause of damage and hair loss if not done correctly. We’ll discuss more of those concerns but read below to hear some benefits we have found.

The Benefits of Wearing Braids

Love your braids! Braids are a great defensive style and will never go out of style. The less you do to your black hair, the better it proliferates. Your hair tends to grow longer when you prefer protective styles. Protective styles are low in maintenance and good for them who aimed at a longer length.
Some women feel braiding of hair is boring – but it doesn’t have to be. Once you know the benefits of wearing braids you may change your mindset.
Hair braiding has been practiced in African countries for centuries. Women of African descent have used African hair braiding as a bridge to a better life. They believed that braiding styling is a new secure styling of hair.
Does braiding increase the hair growth? The old wives’ tale says, yes, hair braiding improves the growth. It strengthens the hair by protecting strands within the weave. This helps to get rid of frictional hair breakage. With hair braiding, you can naturally promote vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your hair growth.
Apart from these, you have to maintain a proper hair diet to get targeted hair growth.

Benefits of hair braiding

• Plaits and braids are super trendy that gives you natural hair growth effectively.
• It changes your look daily.
• Braids are for short hair also. If you are having short hair, to change your look you can prefer side braid that makes you coolest person than ever.
• If you are lazy and facing trouble washing your long hair, then French braid is the best way to wear for a longer time.
• If your front hair makes you irritated after every 5 seconds, then hair braiding is your best friend to get out of this problem.
• It keeps your hair in good condition while you sleep.
• If you braid your hair after a neat comb before bed, it prevents you from hair damage and promotes moisture to your hair.

3 Quick Hair Braiding Tips:

• Never go for hair braiding too tightly at the hairline. Because it can result in hair loss.
• Healthy hair always gives you a perfect look. So, maintain your hair in a proper way even it is fabricated in braids.
• Never keep the braid for a longer time, it can become tangled. There is a chance of more hair loss.

Remove your braid and comb it properly then again go for new hair braiding style. This keeps your hair healthy and stops your hair from getting damaged

Start wearing hair braids to say goodbye to splits and dry strands!

With all the benefits of braiding, there are also challenges with this style.

The Challenges of Wearing Braids

Health over style is our mantra!

The health of your hair is a priority over any hairstyling method! While braids in your hair may be touted as a protective method of hairstyling it to comes with its downsides.

Braids in your hair can give you the false sense that you don’t have to do anything else to maintain healthy hair.

Do not fall into this line of thinking. Having your hair in a protective style like braids comes with a risk of hair loss especially in African American women.

The term “traction” is the word that women must be mindful of when considering cornrows or braiding.

Let’s think about the style of cornrows and the visual image of your hair in that style.

With cornrows, there is a constant pulling and tugging on your hair to get it into that beautiful pattern.

Imagine if you continued to pull your hair into that style each time you thought of putting your hair in a braided style.

After time your hair in those sections that are being pulled will get weaker and weaker over time. That hair will start to fall out due to the pulling of those strands.

Although women love the sectioning of their hair, the traction and friction will lead to hair loss. The very reason why you chose a protective hairstyle like cornrows or braids was to keep your hair safe is now leading to damage.

So what can you do about the challenge of wearing braids? Here are some tips:
– Ask the stylist to be gentle when braiding
– Change up the direction and style of braids to prevent traction
– Wait a while, maybe 3 months before your next braided style
– Oil your scalp once or twice a week to maintain moisture in the strands
– Where a different hairstyle
While we love our braids, we love the health of our hair 1st. Consider the challenges and stay mindful of what you can do to keep your hair safe.
What kind of hair care system do you have? How do you maintain the health of your hair? Go on to our community page and share your hair system or routines. We would love to encourage one another with healthy methods.


Not only does braids make the individual who gets them feel better, but they also have a social impact.

So many great conversations happen around the salons and kitchen tables when braiding happens.

When it comes to the amount of time it takes to do hair braiding it can seem daunting. It takes time to wash, to dry and then finally to part and braid.

During that time women use these moments to connect socially and to engage one another. The conversations range from talking about family and kids to politics and religion. Hours can easily pass by while a new style is being created but to many women, the time is worth it.

Women easily expect to spend hours at a time doing their hair but there is a joy in meeting with others you know to have “girl time”.
What are some of the conversations you have with your stylist? Do you find yourself looking forward to “girl talk”?

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