How Long Do Micro Braids Last

How Long Do Micro Braids Last

HOW LONG DO MICRO BRAIDS LAST In this post we'll be talking about how long you should keep your hair extensions or your braids in and that's a common question that we get asked all the time in our hair braiding community. This question comes up especially after...

A Guide to Hair Extension Salons

A Guide to Hair Extension Salons

It can be difficult to find a hair extension stylist near you, and you don’t always have the time to drive hours to get your hair done. Luckily, several online resources are available to help. Here is a helpful, condensed list: Black Beauty Care Directory This site is...


Here is our tutorial on how to do crochet braids.

Materials needed: Crochet box braid hair (7 packs is normal amount needed), Latch hook, Plastic hair needle, Hair thread, Scissors (optional)

Step number one: You must choose a braid pattern that you like and can envision having your hair in that pattern. Most women choose to have their hair go straight back in cornrows with their back braids horizontal. (Side note: You can choose to have your sides slanting upward so that your cornrows are less detectable and you can pull your hair back in a natural looking ponytail).

Step number two: Once your hair is in the desired pattern then if you are skilled you may be able to interweave your cornrow braids without using any type of thread to hold down the hair. However, if you are not confident in your ability to interweave your hair then go ahead and use thread to sew down your back braids to prevent them from coming loose.

Step number three: Take your chosen crochet braid hair and begin to install the hair using a latch hook. If you are uncertain on how to use a latch hook then follow a Youtube video on how best to latch hook your crochet hair. The skill of latch hooking does take a little bit of effort but once you learn how to slide the hook through without damaging your hair or scalp then the process will go much faster.

Step number four: Install your crochet braid hair very closely from your front edges all the way toward the middle of your scalp.

Step number five: To keep your hair from being too bulky you can choose to space your crochet hair near the back of your head since most of your hair will fall to the back naturally.

Step number six: Make sure to secure all of your braids by either completing one pull through of the crochet hair or doing a double pull through to secure the hair on the scalp.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to do crochet braids!

You end up using just about seven or less packs of hair which takes about two and a half hours to install.

This installation is definitely a time saver!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to post a picture of your installation on our Facebook page.

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